January 5, 2018

(MCN) Motorcycle Consumer News Article on MotoDiscovery Moab Training.

Click to view or download MCN Article .pdf This past September, Steve Larsen, a participant of MotoDiscovery’s Moab Immersion off-road training, wrote an article for MCN, Motorcycle Consumer News, that covered his experience on the Moab event. Susan Dragoo, a professional photographer who also served as a support driver for the event took the shots contained in this article (click the “Rocking Moab” image to view and download the article). The training portion of this bi-annual event is provided by D.A.R.T., Dragoo Adventure Rider Training, led by Bill Dragoo and Barak Naggan. The optional rental motorcycles and vehicle support for the training are provided by MotoDiscovery Rentals, based out of Grand Junction, Colorado. MotoDiscovery Tours and Expeditions was founded in 1981 by Skip Mascorro. Over the decades, rider training has evolved to be a relevant and immediately applicable complimentary service, providing participants with increased levels of skill and confidence before heading out on any one of the imaginative domestic and international motorcycle touring experiences that the company is well known for. Questions? Please give us a call at 970-644-5690.  
December 27, 2017

Why rent a Dual-Sport Motorcycle in Moab?

Renting a motorcycle to ride in Moab, Utah opens up a vast world of adventure opportunities and options. Unless you are interested in just dirt biking or just pavement riding, renting a “dual-sport” motorcycle is an excellent option for maximizing your riding vacation options and experiences. A dual-sport motorcycle is simply a motorcycle that is designed and optimized for both on and off-pavement riding. These bikes come in all shapes and sizes. Some excel in the dirt and are tolerable on the road. Others are excellent on-road but require greater skill when playing in the dirt. Either way, a dual-sport motorcycle allows you the greatest flexibility to explore areas where both the on and off-road riding options are excellent.   Renting a dual-sport motorcycle in the Moab area enables the rider to select from exciting twisty pavement through stunning destinations such as Canyonlands and Arches National Park to thrilling dirt roads and double track trails that wind and twist through the endless desert terrain that Moab is famous for.   One of our favorite dual-sport motorcycles is the Suzuki DR-Z400S. The DRZ is a classic, time-proven, reliable machine that is a thrill to ride on any surface. DRZs come out of the factory ready to explore a huge variety of terrain from the finest paved desert canyons to the gnarly, rutted double-track sand roads that dot the vast desert terrain encompassing Canyonlands National Park. However, with some thoughtful aftermarket accessories, a DRZ can be transformed into a robust, dependable adventure bike. The addition of a larger gas tank can double the range to well over 200 miles between fill-ups. Aluminum skid plates, radiator guards, and engine shields help to protect vital components when mishaps occur far from help. Aftermarket seats from Seat Concepts afford the rider a much more comfortable platform and allow for longer, more enjoyable days in the saddle. Riser handlebars and high-end grips give the rider greater riding position options and knobby DOT tires (we love the Dunlop 606) give you extra offroad confidence while maintaining good on-road performance. Then add to the bike a luggage rack and some waterproof panniers from manufacturers such as Mosko Moto, and you can then carry all the gear you need for extended riding tours and adventures. Any questions about our rental motorcycles or to make a reservation, please give us a call or visit our contact page.    
March 21, 2018
Rent a dual sport motorcycle in Colorado

Alu-Box Review, by Bill Dragoo.

via Alu-Box Review on Expedition Portal Thanks, Bill, for the write up on these boxes. I hope to integrate these into our support truck systems this coming year. They seem worth the investment – and, like you say, gear management, protection and safe, reliable equipment storage is a critical moving target when you are truly ‘out there’. Thanks again for the review!